No matter what issues you bring to therapy, I use an approach that is comprehensive and open minded. (My training is extensive, thorough and integrative and encompasses relational, self- psychological, object relations, existential, humanistic, interpersonal and feminist modes of psychotherapy.)

Each of us has stories about our histories that we tell and retell ourselves and others. We become stuck when we believe they are frozen and unchangeable. As we talk about these experiences, you and I create a shared vocabulary of meaning. Together we start paying attention to the parts of you that may have been neglected, mistreated or misunderstood.

This journey has both moments of victory and challenge. It’s not always as quick a fix as we would like, but with patience, the results can be enduring and transformative. Finding the right match in a therapist is key and if what I say resonates with you, then I would encourage you to contact me and arrange for a session to see how it feels between us.

Areas of experience and interest include:

Relationship Conflicts/Couples Counselling
Stresses of parenting
Caring for aging parents
Change of career
Childhood and Family issues
Loss and Bereavement
Anxiety and Depression
Sexuality/Gender Identity
Existential/Search for meaning/Life changes
Dream work

I am particularly interested in working with those from the following communities:

L.G.T.B.Q.I. A.+
New parents
Therapists in training
Adult care-givers of aging parents

Session duration is 50 minutes. For psychotherapy I generally see clients weekly, for psychoanalysis more frequently. If your work involves travel, if you live in a small community or have difficulty getting to my office, I also offer phone or encrypted online therapy. I speak and understand French.