WHAT I DO


      ABOUT ME


Marilyn Lerner
Registered Psychotherapist
Ontario Society for Psychotherapy (clinical member)
Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (dipl.)
Analytic Candidate, T.I.C.P.

36 Madison Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

   I am a psychotherapist with twelve years of clinical experience, and am currently a psychoanalytic candidate at the Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.  In my practice I see individuals and couples. Working with me you can expect an experienced, thoughtful, caring, and supportive space where together we can work through and make sense of the issues  you are currently confronting...

It's almost certain that we, in the course of our lives, will come face to face with hardships that take an emotional toll on us.  During these stressful times painful and unresolved feelings from the past often emerge, and coping strategies that once seemed to work no longer do.  You might be doing the best you can but carrying these feelings can be painful or exhausting, taking a toll on relationships, interfering with your ability to be present in your life.

You might be unaccountably sad, frustrated or angry, sometimes not even sure what you're feeling, maybe you're numb or out of control. Well meaning friends or family may not be enough. Believing that no one can understand or that your feelings are a burden to others can make you want to isolate yourself and you end up alone with these thoughts. For many reasons some of us have never had the opportunity to be really heard and understood!

Alternately, even if you are not  in crisis in this moment  you might want to take some time to reflect on your life, explore your dreams, navigate a change in life direction, come to some acceptance, work through loss, work to better a relationship.

If any of this speaks to you, I'd like to work with you to help you better recognize, express and tolerate your feelings. As we come to know more about the emotional roots of your issues, they will begin to feel different. In becoming aware of the stuck places and making sense of them together, new choices and possibilities will emerge. As you begin to feel more deeply understood and come to a renewed understanding of yourself, you'll be better able to cope, you will suffer less, and engage more fully in your life-both as an individual and in relationship.